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APE (Energy Certificate)

The APE is the “Attestato di Prestazione Energetica”. It represents the energy performance of a property. The APE certificate is required to sell, gift or rent a property. The property owner (seller) has to provide the APE to the buyer before the sale or the lease of the property. The seller has to pay for the APE. For a free price quote on this service customized to your needs, complete the form below with the full property address, whether residential or commercial, name of township/municipality (Comune) and property size (square feet or square meters).

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Property Finder

Need to find out if someone owns any Italian real estate? We can check if there is any property connected to somebody’s name, or what happened to properties that were in the name of a person, or whether an inheritance succession included any real estate properties. For a free price quote customized to your specific needs, please complete the form below with the details of the person to look up including first and last names, which are essential. The date and place of birth will assist in the search rendering it more accurate and cost effective.

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Real Estate Taxes

We can find out if any taxes are owed on an Italian property for current and past years. We can prepare the tax forms on your behalf and email them to you so you can settle them. If you have an Italian bank account you can pay your taxes online. We also offer a full service and take care of the payment on your behalf and email you the tax payment receipt. for a price quote customized to your specific needs, please fill out the form below including the  complete property address, and the name, date and place of birth of the property owner. If available, please also provide the Italian tax code number.

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Want to know how much is an Italian property worth? In Italy there is no overall database of property listings such as the MLS system in the U.S.. However, there are ways to get a general idea based on tax statistics and real estate listing ads. Or you can get an official appraisal, for instance if you need it for tax purposes or for a dispute. Complete the form below with your needs, including the complete address of the property and whether it is a residential or commercial property. If available, a description and/or its size (square footage or square meters), and whether you need a ballpark idea of value or a complete appraisal by a professional expert. Let us also know whether the expert can access the property (can he/she be let in for an inspection?) or whether you need “curb evaluation”.

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Compliance Check

The home inspection in Italy is also known as a property compliance check (perizia tecnica) and is designed to see if a property complies with building regulations, if the utility systems are up to code, if there is the presence of dangerous and/or illegal materials (e.g., asbestos),  and confirm it has a certificate of occupancy. Sellers get a compliance check done to provide buyers with an accurate and thorough seller’s disclosure, thus avoiding the risk of claims for undisclosed issues. Buyers get a compliance check when they are not satisfied by the seller’s disclosure or when they want their own home inspection done by someone of their own choosing.  Whether buying or selling a property, we can provide you with a certified property compliance report carrierd out by a licensed Italian home inspector. For a free price quote on this sesrvice, please fill out the form below with the complete property address and your specific needs.

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Title Check

Are you doing any of the following? Inheriting or selling an Italian property, putting down a sizeable deposit for a property purchase, or offering a loan secured by an Italian property?  In these situations we can run a title check to show if there are any liens on the property as well as to confirm legal property ownership. For a free price quote specific to your needs, please complete the form below including the complete property address, and whether it is residential or commercial.

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Property Bills Management

We can assist Italian property owners in the activation and deactivation of property utilities, setting up bills to be on auto payment, pay recurring condominium association fees, annual property taxes and many other management tasks. Also, if you are renting out your Italian property and need to file an Italian tax return, we can assist with it as well. We offer a bills management package starting at $38 per month. Please fill out the form below with your specific needs and we will provide you with a free price quote.

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  • We send all pertinent paperwork to you.

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