Questions & Answers


Is The Italian Bureau part of the Italian Consulate system or other Italian government entity?

No. The Italian Bureau is an independent private business.

Can I submit my requests in Italian?

Yes. Requests can be submitted in English or Italian. Our trained fluent Italian-speaking staff will handle requests in either language and respond in the language you prefer.

In what parts of Italy does The Italian Bureau operate?

The Italian Bureau is a US company that offers services throughout the Italian territory, including the islands. We have an established network of professionals throughout Italy, so wherever you matter is, we can address it. 

Do I have to contact any of The Italian Bureau’s local agents myself?

No. The Italian Bureau will handle all communications with local agents on your behalf. We are your one single point of contact throughout the entire process. The Italian Bureau is your one-stop solution for Italy.

Do I have to pay an extra fee to the local agent?

No. When a local agent is involved, our fee will include whatever amount is due to the agent. You only pay our fee and we take care of paying our agent.

Do your fees include taxes, such as VAT (IVA) or stamp duty (marca da bollo)?

Yes. If a service requires payment of Italian taxes or payment to a third party in general, our fees include those charges, so that you know up front the total amount due from start to finish.

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