Legal Translation

Do you need a document translated? We offer translations from any language to Italian and vice versa. We also offer legal translations, which means the accuracy of the translation is certified in an Italian Court. If you need the document to be used outside of Italy, we offer legalization and Apostille certificate services. Simple translations start at $0.09 per word (Italian-English and vice versa). The Italian Court seal of accuracy is subject to Italian Stamp Duty and additional charges depending on the length and layout of document. Legalization cost depends on the country requiring it. Apostille certificates are $48 per certificate. We will provide you with a free price quote for your specific needs, simply fill out the form below and upload the document to be translated. Please also list if you need it legalized or an Apostille.



Service Request Form

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Italian Records

Get a personal record (vital record), criminal record, corporate record, property record, or any other Italian public record.


Italian tax code (codice fiscale), power of attorney, health insurance, visa bond and other services to help individuals with all their Italian matters.

Real Estate

Property finder, energy certificate (APE), property appraisals, title check, bill management, property compliance check and other real estate services.


Company tax code (codice fiscale), company incorporation, legal translations, Italian company records and other corporate services.