The Italian Bureau is your Italian company’s personal assistant.


Corporate Tax Code

This online service is only available for corporate tax code applications.
Apply for your Italian tax code online. It only takes three steps.

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Company Incorporation

Get your Italian limited liability company up and running within a month. Prices start at $780 for a simple S.r.l (società a responsabilità limitata). 100% remotely! Let us know your preferred name for free availability check with the Italian Company Register. Also, let us know how many shareholders, their nationality and residence and we will follow up with a comprehensive quotation.

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Legal Translation

Do you need a translation? We offer translations from any language to Italian and vice versa. We also offer legal translations, i.e., the accuracy seal certified by an Italian Court. If you need the document to be used outside of Italy, we also offer legalization and apostille certificate service. Upload the document to be translated and the services you need and we will give you our best quotation. Simple translations start at $0.09 per word (Italian-English and vice versa). Accuracy Court seal is subject to Italian Stamp duty and additional charges, to be quoted based on length and layout of document. Legalization depends on the country requiring it. Apostille certificates are $48 per certificate.

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Company Records

Check any Italian company record available to the public. For example, registered assets (e.g., real estate, vehicle), shareholders, names of directors, tax number, registered address, annual results, bylaws etc. Let us know what you need and get a quotation. Charges are based on results per inquiry: $25 for one result and $18 for each additional result requested with the same inquiry.

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How It Works

  • You send us the basic facts (company name, location, etc.).
  • We work with you to get any missing details.
  • We find out which Italian authority is competent.
  • We process the request in Italian.
  • We receive and qulaity check the requested paperwork.
  • We can translate it and get it certified in an Italian Court.
  • We can get an Apostille or legalization so the document will be legal in another country.
  • We send the final document to you (postal mail, email, fax).

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