Company Records

Check any company’s Italian records, such as registered address, owners, directors, authorized representatives, corporate capital, bylaws, annual results, etc. To start, simply complete the form below with the basic company information including name, location, tax i.d. number and any other details that are available. Charges are based on results per inquiry: $25 for one result and $18 for each additional result requested with the same inquiry.

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Italian Records

Get a personal record (vital record), criminal record, corporate record, property record, or any other Italian public record.


Italian tax code (codice fiscale), power of attorney, health insurance, visa bond and other services to help individuals with all their Italian matters.

Real Estate

Property finder, energy certificate (APE), property appraisals, title check, bill management, property compliance check and other real estate services.


Company tax code (codice fiscale), company incorporation, legal translations, Italian company records and other corporate services.